Tales of a Dark Haired Princess
A simple girl who loves music, photography, anything that has to do on a computer spending time with friends and family, baking, and oh yeah cupcakes! Set this up just to share my random thoughts and show off my photos. Enjoy!
  • Baby/child blanket i just finished this evening for sale. Made of cotton yarn so its really soft. I washed it but i do have a dog and kitty so its probably not for you if you have a pet allergy. 45 dollars including shipping. Email me at jodihallphotography@gmail.com if interested

  • Day 10- my weakness even though im trying to eat better i do indulge. Chocolate is my weakness <3 #iheartfaces #photoaday

  • Im a few days behind on this. Got caught up in full moon festivities here is Day 8- the theme earthy #iheartfaces #photoaday

  • Day 8- I know I am a few days behind but in full moon fest titties so here is a which is earthy. #iheartfaces #photoaday

  • Adornment for the day.. Moonstone and amethyst.. #crystals #crystal #adornment #fullmoon

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  • Day 7- upside down.. Drink more water lovelies!! #iheartfaces #photoaday

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  • Day 6- doesn’t my puppy have the best peets (paws+feet=peets) #iheartfaces #photoaday

  • Day 5- there is a line of storms rolling through so I’m all cozy listening to music for the evening. #iheartfaces #photoaday

  • Music meditation…. I forgot how amaze this song was.. @joshgroban is awesomwsauce

  • The second love of my life…